A binaural sound walk at Bellahøj – the first “skyscraber’s” in Copenhagen, September 2012
Produced by the artist collective Vontrapp.



Bevar Mig Vel (trans.: Take good care of me) takes place and tells the story of Bellahøj – a public housing area in Copenhagen. The audience is invited on a unique three dimensional soundjourney through the lonesome echoes of the stairwells, down and around the dark amphiscene through the hot pot of yellow peas and back to the 1950’s Bellahøj.

The audience is guided by an audio guide. Throughout the journey the guide tells the story of the Bellahøj Houses – Denmark’s first skyscrapers. During the journey, the guides’ voice is replaced by the voice of Selma. Selma has been a resident of Bellahøj since it’s inauguration in the 50’s. As a last testimony, before her forced departure from Bellahøj, Selma tells and relives the dancing, the dresses, the music and the parties that has defined her life, and the memories are brought to life both visually and through sound. Selma is a fictional character, who’s life’s story was created from interviews with some of the first residents of the Bellahøj houses.

The performance was part of the Golden Days Festival 2012.


Concept & manuscript: Astrid Hansen Holm, Kathrine Lund, Sandra Boss

Staging: Kathrine Lund

Sound and technique: Sandra Boss

Scenografy and costumes: Katrine Würtz Hansen, Ina Hjorth Jacobsen

Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm


Article in Dagbladet Information on “Bevar mig vel”: