A sonic weekender at Café Oto in London featuring Sandra Boss & Jonas Olesen, Søren Kjærgaard, Simon Steen-Andersen, Frisk Frugt, Nico Muhley, Joe Snape, Morton Feldman, Michael Cutting and Theresa Wong.

The evening’s second slot sees a massed performance of a new work by Danish sound artists Sandra Boss and Jonas Olesen, Psalm Cycle. Meticulously scored for 7 pump organs – sourced from all over the capital – expect a gorgeous forty minutes of deep tones and slow swells. A focal point of the weekend, the work sees all four curators and a few of their friends perform together for the very first time, on instruments distributed right around the venue.

OHNO: A Sonic Weekender. Café Oto, London from joe snape on Vimeo.