The Bird Organ is a sound installation consisting of 20+ handmade ceramic bird flutes made by ceramist Katrine Würtz and  Sandra Boss. The birds are played automatically through a MIDI-controlled air blower system.

The Bird Organ was made as part of the exhibition SIGNALER at Stevns Fyrcenter 2023, which is a place that contains an exhibition of stuffed birds showing the birds living along the cliffs of Stevns, Denmark. Due to the climate changes the local bird population is changing drastically these years. In this context, the bird organ stands as an acopalytic choir of birds from a near future.

The exhibition is presented by Stevns Avantgarde Forsyning and also includes works by Ea Borre, Jonas Olesen and Michael Mørkholt. It runs untill June 11 at Stevns Fyr, St. Heddinge, Denmark.

Opening hours:
Mon-Thur: 11-16
Fri-Sun: 11-17

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Koda and Stevns Kommune.