Bølger – for Solo clarinet & Ensemble (2023)

Bølger is a piece inspired by waves – both the waves we hear when we are at the sea but also the acoustic waves that constantly interfere and mi with eachother. In this piece the timbres of the instruments are constantly explored as the piece evolves around very few tones that are extended and bended through various playing techniques. The clarinet is in front and is accompanied by a drum that acts as an acoustic amplifier and a timbral expander. The new acoustics of the clarinet appear as both a disturbance and a force that swallows the instruments.

The piece was commisioned by Ensemble Lydenskab and premiered 8.2.2023 at Dokk1, Aarhus, DK. Supported by Koda and Statens Kunstfond.



“Først fik jeg frydefuld søsyge af ÆTERs gyngende strengetoner, og da Bølger begyndte, lod jeg mig ramme af barnlig begejstring, som havde jeg set et trylletrick, da ensemblets instrumenter pludselig skabte den umiskendelige lyd af bølger og vind.”

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