Tuning the Ear is a box-set that invites for an interdisciplinary and multi-sensuous study of the ear. By presenting an interactive listening situation where the listeners are to engage with the many different objects contained in the box, Tuning the Ear encourages the reader to listen to their surroundings in new ways and furthermore to listen to their own way of hearing. Tuning the Ear presents a new way of exploring the ear that take both physical, physiological, mental and aesthetic demands into account.

Listening to the Ear
Hearing and listening are the two most common words used to describe the act of perceiving sound through the ears. Within Sound Studies, scholars has often considered hearing as a purely physical mechanism that primarily serves as a departure point for the more intellectual act of listening. Following these lines of thoughts, hearing is passive. Listening is active. However, is hearing really that static? What happens to our “natural” or “objective” hearing sense when it is is aging? When it is sick or just challenged by external factors as temperature or room acoustics? And what happens when our ears are hearing through technology?

Tuning Kit
Tuning the Ear contains a full kit for preparing the ears and thereby tuning them into an aesthetic listening to hearing. The box contains a row of objects such as a tuning fork, hearing aids, ear plugs, a pin and a swap which are to be used in conjunction with the hearing tasks displayed in four small booklets. In addition to the hearing tasks, the box contains a record with music made on a hearing test machine, a score for a piece for hands and ears, a poster, and a post card.

Artistic Research
Tuning the Ear is based upon the artistic based PhD Tuning the Ear – Exploring Conceptions and Conditions of Hearing made by Sandra Boss, funded and published by The Faculty of Arts, University of Aarhus. The research project was first published in 2019, and followed by a public defense. The thesis has been revised and reprinted in 2021.


Tuning the Ear comes in an exclusive silk-screened printed box. Numbered limited edition of 75.



The Ear (Sandra Boss, 2021)
Testing the Ear (Sandra Boss 2021)
The Deaf Ear (Sandra Boss 2021)
Curing the Ear (Sandra Boss 2021)


1 x Ear Plugs
1 x Hearing Aid
1 x 440 Hz (A) Tuning Fork
1 x Stone
1 x Bottle
1 x Swap
1 x Flash light
2 x Audiogram


The Acoustic Appraiser
By Sandra Boss, 2018
Released by BIN (BIN 00-32)

A1 Testing Pure Order
A2 Surface Stimulator
A3 Calibrating To Occluded Ear
B1 Masking Disorder
B2 Hypothetical Treshold
B3 Coclea Stimulation
B4 Word Recognition


The Snail
Design: Bitten Fangel
Text: Sandra Boss


Hearing Curves
Concept: Sandra Boss
Design: Bitten Fangel


Tuning the Ear – Exploring Conditions and Conceptions of Hearing
PhD Dissertation by Sandra Boss
Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University 2018/2021


Concept/ Text / Music: Sandra Boss

Design/layout: Bitten Fangel

Printed by Trükiviis OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia and Uttenthal, Denmark

Published with generous support from the Danish Arts Council