The record The Acoustic Appraiser consists of music made with an obsolete Qualitone Acoustic Appraiser analogue audiometer. The machine is a two-channel portable audiometer originally intended for conducting hearing tests. The audiometer comes with a tape machine and a tape that contains a speech test (in German). Each channel can be controlled independently with duplicate controls for tone, masking, microphone and tape. Frequency range 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. Pulse generator, hold and slope functions.

All works are based upon recordings of live performances with The Acoustic Appraiser at LUFF festival (CH), Detritus Festival (GR), KRAAK Festival (BE), Fritt Fall (NO), Gallery X & Beyond (DK), Soundings (DK) from 2016-2018.


LP 12″, limited edition of 300 copies.
Label: BIN –
Design: Bitten Fangel

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Side A
1. Testing Pure Order
2. Surface Simulator
3. Calibrating to Occluded Ear

Side B
1. Masking Disorder
2. Hypothetical Threshold
3. Cochlea stimulation
4. Word recognition

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