Sandra Boss: Seks Kompositioner (not on label, 2011, CD-R)


The record consists of six compositions, where found sounds, old electronics and electromagnetic recordings are mixed and manipulated together forming six short stories.

Play Fodgænger Fodgænger
Play Den modsatte kyst Den modsatte kyst
Play I havn I havn
Play Under træet Under træet
Play Liggende med hovedet nedad Liggende med hovedet nedad
Play Fuglene Fuglene

Artwork: Astrid Hansen Holm
Layout: Ina Hjort

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Acts of Silence:

“It’s albums such as Boss’ that I wish I listened to music more on speakers than headphones. I think the spatial experience would stretch out the tension and not make the sound so immediate, you know, give the sound a chance to breathe.”

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