Sandra Boss is a composer and sound artist based in Denmark. Her work often evolves in the intersection between performance and installation, where machines and instruments becomes sculptures of sound. She explores the overheard sounds of diverse sound sources such as antique tone generators, hearing test machines, bird flutes, children choirs and elongated accordions. In recents years, the organ as an instrument has played a central part of the work of Sandra Boss. She has explored the organ as a synthesizer and as an organism of sound, where she has aimed at revealing new perspectives to this instrument. She has made pieces for church organs, but she has also moved the organ out of the church room by using home build MIDI-controlled organs, chest organs and reed organs.

Sandra Boss has a background in classical music and has later studied electronic music at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. She is currently working on a artistic-based PhD on sound art at Aarhus University, Denmark, where she explores so-called “dead media”, that have been used to optimize hearing.

Sandra Boss has performed at numerous international venues including Cafe Oto (UK), KRAAK Festival (Be), Detritus Festival (GR), Super Deluxe (JP), Klangkunst Festival (DE) and LAK – Festival for Nordic Sound Art (DK).

In 2017, she was awarded the Carl Nielsen Talent Price.

Sandra is part of the sound art duo MASKINEL TERAPI and a member of the artist collective Vontrapp.




Tuning the Ear – PhD Project


March 2014: OHNO! – A sonic weekender at Café Oto, London, UK, with Sound & Music, London & SNYK, DK
January 2014: Magnetic Groove Memories – Tilbagekomsten af det fysiske musikarkiv, Roskilde Bibliotek, with Morten Riis, Lone Kofoed & Søren Pold, Aarhus University
September 2013: Lakfestival – festival for nordisk lydkunst, PB 43, Copenhagen